Fast forward to 2021 and the Holt Bolt operates Four Centres across North Brisbane as well as Saturday Sports, Active Support and Job ready programs. 

The focus is on creating pathways for our all Bolters into community sport, jobs or both. We are determined to help each of our Bolters find their passion, purpose and pathway. 

In 2021, The Holt Bolt launched the Active Support Program. This is a unique concept where Bolters are paired with mentors to help them develop a Job Ready Skill, Physical Skill and Daily Living Skill. The program is designed to help Bolters develop these skills and begin to explore job ready pathways and gain more independence. 


The Holt Bolt started in 2013, when Richard and his team created the first obstacle race series in Brisbane. From there, Richard combined his knowledge as a HPE teacher and his creative mind to create the Holt Bolt Kids inflatable obstacle course. Richard and his team took this obstacle course to over 300 schools in South East Queensland. 

It was during one of these school visits that Richard met Jacko. Jacko and Richard started working together and after about six  weeks Jacko had gone from being sedentary to choosing to  participate in a variety of physical activities. Jacko is non-verbal and communicates with Richard using eye contact and hand gestures. Jacko continues to train with Richard today and his HB sessions now focus on developing daily living and job ready skills as well as physical training. 

Realising there was a huge need in the community for physical and social developmental programs, Richard created the Holt Bolt centres. He employed a team of Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists and Personal Trainers to help people of all ages and abilities to achieve their health and fitness goals while having fun. 

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